Asynchronous, acknowledged, point-to-point connection using gSoap

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http://stackoverflow.com – Here's my situation: I have a wsdl, "translated" to a header file like this: wsdl2h -o file.h file.wsdl Then, I executed soapcpp2 -Icorrect_path -j file.h On "server side" I implemented the service, using soapXXXService.[h|cpp] On "server side" again, I used soap_init2 (with SOAP_IO_KEEPALIVE), I have soap_bind, soap_accept, soap_copy, etc. and it seems to work perfectly fine (see below) On "client side", I use the generated proxy object (again using SOAP_IO_KEEPALIVE), construct the message and send it to the server The "server" receives this message and sends back ACK (custom XML) The "cli (HowTos)