Asterisk on F11 with twinkle & ekiga - Jitters?

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hey, i just had to switch from 10 to 11 until 12 comes out, and after setting up asterisk, i noticed VERY VERY BAD sound quality, mostly comprised of severe jittering. I noticed that the way Fedora lets you work with your sound devices in 11 is way different (nicer, but obviously not complete) than ever before, and i am using the same asterisk configs as before, so i'm positive that this is NOT an asterisk issue, and does NOT really belong in this forum; however, only asterisk users will be able to replicate or identify with this issue. Have any of you 11 users had this happen to you, and if so, did you figure out how to solve it? I'm sure that i can *try* adjusting asterisks jitter buffer settings, but like i said, it was NEVER an issue before 11... Another clue would be that i cannot get crap like gtk-recordmydesktop to produce sound (but that may very well be another issue; however i doubt it)... thanx @ mods/admins, feel free to move this to "Software", if you think it belongs there, which it probably does.... (HowTos)