archiver bug ?

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hello, I'm using ubuntu. Two strange things happened when I used my archiver. The archiver I used is just the one provided by my system (I guess, although I wasn't the one who installed the system so I can't be sure). I right-clicked and pressed "compress...". I don't know its name. The thing I tried to compress was a directory "Dir", roughly 3MB. It included some files and directories, and a link called "Security" pointing to "Dir". The first problem that occurred was that the archive that was made weighted roughly 100MB. So my first question is, why didn't it either go into an infinite loop or ignore the "Security" link (and is it possible to make the archiver ignore such recursive links) ? The second problem was that the archive was made invisible, and I had to set show hidden files to force it to be displayed. Why is that ? Thanks. (HowTos)