apply unix permission scheme on directory structure

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http://serverfault.com – I like to fix permissions on our fileserver via cron. In general I like to set everything to umask 027 ignoring any changes a user did. For certain subfolders I like to apply umask 077. The question is not about how to set and use umask, but correct repeatedly the permission via cronjob in case the user changed something. eg in the end it should look like drwx------ /home/user/.ssh drwxr-x--- /hom/user/foobar drwx------ /hom/user/Mail The hard way (which I want to avaoid) looks like this: chmod -R o-rwx /home/user chmod -R g+r /home/user find /home/user -typer d -exec chmod g+x '{} (HowTos)