Apache/HTTPD in Linux Home Network

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi everybody, I am trying to setup Fedira 12 Linux Apache in my home network. I am able to access the hosted website from inside my home network without any problem. I am facing the problem to access it from outside. At the moment i have connected the Apache directly to DSL modem for testing purpose. I was reading "The ISP may have blocked the HTTP port 80. So check it by connecting the Apache directly to DSL modem." The temporary network connections for testing purpose are as follows.. DSL modem (SIEMENS Speed Stream 4200)-->Fedora 12/Linux Apache Server I am even unable to PING the real ip (IP for DSL modem).(Firefox gave me error message "Connection Timed out) I have tried to ping it from the internet.I can PING the DSL from Apache without any problem. My doubts/questions are. 1. Why i am even unable to PING the real IP of DSL modem at my home.? 2. Is it possible to run/setup Apache by using this type of DSL modem? 3. DSL modem has real IP. DSL MODEM assigns private IP (192.168.x.x) to Apache. So when a http request form the internet came to DSL modem on port 80, will it forward to Apache automatically.? or i have to made any changes.(I can not see anything in DSL modem to change/modify), OR do I have to use another DSL MODEM/Equipment (router)? This setup is just temporary. The actual design is as follows DSL MODEM(Speed Stream 4200)-->Fedora 12 Linux ROUTER--->Internal network with DNS/Apache Server Am i going to right direction?. Is all of my understanding is correct? Please help. Thanks (HowTos)