Apache2 mod-rewrite ruleset for AJAX webapp

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http://serverfault.com – I have an ajax webapp i'd like to make indexable to google. My paths use the hashbang, and look like: http://tld.com/#!en/news http://tld.com/#!de/news or http://tld.com/#!en/news/news-item-name http://tld.com/#!de/news/news-item-name Considering the infinite ways of the web, it could also be that my URLS look like the following: http://tld.com/index.html#!en/news/news-item-name or http://tld.com/index#!en/news/news-item-name I have files that contain the markup as should be visible by the search engines in a folder called "fragments" which is at the root level of the website's d (HowTos)