Apache + Tomcat error 120006 Using mod_proxy_ajp for Load Balance

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http://serverfault.com – I have an apache 2 frontend with two nodes, and a backend with two instances of tomcat 6 balance with mod_proxy_ajp. The bbdd is in a separate machine. All machines use RHEL, 6.2 on the frontend, 5.5 on the backend. The infraestructure is virtualized using VMware. # This is the apache config in one of the virtualHost. ProxyPreserveHost On ProxyPass / balancer://liferay/ <Proxy balancer://liferay> BalancerMember ajp://lrab:8009 route=liferaya BalancerMember ajp://lrbb:8009 route=liferayb status=+H ProxySet lbmethod=byrequests nofailover (HowTos)