Apache php Mysql questions to install piwik

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hello, I want to install piwik and have some questions about Slackware PHP,MYSQL options. I'd configure my Apache, PHP, Mysql from how-to-run-apache-php-mysql-on-startup-and-install-phpmyadmin-slackware-12-2, but have Slackware 13.1 PDO and MYSQLI are already in my php.ini. Code: extension=bcmath.so extension=bz2.so extension=calendar.so extension=ctype.so extension=curl.so extension=dba.so extension=dbase.so extension=exif.so extension=ftp.so extension=gettext.so extension=gd.so extension=gmp.so extension=iconv.so extension=ldap.so extension=mbstring.so extension=mhash.so extension=mysql (HowTos)