Apache going down with only a few concurent requests on an i7-2600 with 32GB RAM

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http://serverfault.com – I am running a fresh compiled version of Apache 2.2.1 on ubuntu 10.04.03 LTS. The root-server has 32GB RAM and is a i7-2600k. The about same hardware and software is available for testing inside a virtual box on the intranet. While the test server works great, serving about 800 concurent transactions/sec the "real" server on the internet just serves about 15 transactions per/second. Running siege against it with: sudo siege -b -c50 -d10 -i http:/... the server starts serving files OK, but then after about 20-40s it gets slower and slower until it gets almost a halt. unix top shows the apac (HowTos)