Apache... can't acces http remotely but https works

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hello :confused: I've been stuck for one week now and I can't figure out what the problem is. I have 2 web server in my office : http and https. You will find attached the httpd.conf and ssl.conf. I can acces the https server from home, but not the http one. I'm totaly lost please help. What I did : configure the router to forward port 80 to my fedora 11 machine open port 80 with system-config-network created a virtualhost the same exact steps have been done for port 443 I can access both server locally but only the https server remotelly. I don't how to help you to help me... here are my iptables : Code: 08h06 [root@tradesult:html]$ iptables -L | grep http ACCEPT    tcp  --  anywhere            anywhere            state NEW tcp dpt:https ACCEPT    tcp  --  anywhere            anywhere            state NEW tcp dpt:http please any help would be greatly apreciated you can try to acces my servers using http://tradesult.serveftp.net/ or https://tradesult.serveftp.net/ Attached Files httpd.conf (7.9 KB) ssl.conf (1.1 KB) (HowTos)