Any way to make yum on 64bit installs also list 32bit packages?

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi. I have a machine running F11-x86-64 and I need to hook up a smartcard reader that uses a closed-source 32-bit library. This library is a plugin for the PCSC-Lite daemon that Fedora installs. Since it's a 32-bit library, presumably I must install the 32-bit version of the daemon. Problem is only some of the overall 32-bit PCSC-Lite framework is available to 64-bit F11. That is: while yum list shows .i586 versions of pcsc-lite-devel and pcsc-lite-libs, it only shows an x86-64 version of the pcsc-lite package itself. Is there a way to configure yum on F11-x86-64 to list and/or install packages from F11-i586? (HowTos)