Any ideas to simplify the awkward rsync expression below?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – Here is expression: rsync -avz --progress -e "ssh -i /where/is/my/id_dsa" [email protected]:`ssh -i /where/is/my/id_dsa [email protected] "find /remote/source/dir -type f -name '*.sql' | sort -nr | head -1"` . It looks for one fresh sql file on remote host some.host in /remote/source/dir with user vivek and copies to current dir on localhost, it uses /where/is/my/id_dsa key for ssh and rsync authorization. So this backquoted ssh -i ... frightens me a lot. But I don't see other way to find necessary file. How can I simplify it? Thanx in advance (HowTos)