Any FC11 installations on Tyan Trinity KT-400 S2495?

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Has anyone successfully installed Fedora Core 11 on a system with a Tyan Trinity KT-400 S2495 motherboard? I have two systems with this motherboard. I tried to install FC11 from the live CD. Both systems have AGP video cards based on the Nvidia GForce-2, although the cards are of different brands. On one system, FC11 installed, but after the machine is booted and I log-in, it runs slower and slower until it is effectively frozen after about fifteen minutes. Somtimes a "Kernel Failure" window will pop up. A momentary press of the power butting will bring up a shutdown window and shut the machine down after a wait of 60 seconds.) By doing several reboots, I did manage to update the installation. (My complements to the developers on the fact that the package download will pick up where it left off). However it still freezes. On the other system, when the Live Cd has booted, the keyboard and mouse don't work, so I can't do the installation. I tried a different keyboard and mouse, tried rebooting several times. When I boot the machine from SystemRescueCd (kernel 2.3.29) the keyboard works in the text mode. I used the "wizard" command to try various graphical modes. In the default Xorg graphical interface, the keyboard works but the mouse doesn't. In the "Vesa" graphical interface, neither the keyboard nor the mouse work. I tried the Ubuntu 8.04 live CD and the keyboard and mouse don't work. I tried an FC 8 install Cd, the keyboard works in the installation screens but the mouse doesn't. I replaced the Nvidia AGP card with a Voodoo 3dFx PCI video card. The system won't finish posting. It hangs on the second screen. This system formerly ran Windows 2000 OK and before that it ran Window 98. But perhaps it's now defective? (HowTos)