Annoying 503 error in Firefox

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi, I'm not sure whether the the problem shown here either: 1. refers to this forum 2. needs fixing on vBulletin's side or Litespeed's but I surely am/have been hit by this bug in F11 and now in F12 also, on various Firefox versions. So now I'm forced to use an alternative browser to be able to open threads here. Funny thing is, "New Posts" works fine but I can open a single thread, every other one gets a 503 error. However, the same thread, opened from New Posts window gets 503 while opened from email notifications it opens fine in Firefox in 75% of the tries. I thought I should post it here in case a resolution appears on either vBulletin or Litespeed's side, we'll have a thread to discuss it. (HowTos)