Annoyance with plain text files pam_mount/cifs/permissions - longer than it seems

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Good Afternoon The scenario is : Fedora 10 - latest update ( all but one from today with dependency problem - libnetfilter_conntrack.i386 ) Anyway. The fedora boxes are authenticating to windows ad. works fine. User Documents folders are being mounted via pam_mount. works fine. Users can create and open any kind of file. works fine. The problem comes with plain text files *.txt opened via gedit. if i click on a text file, gedit ask what to do : open in terminal, display or run. one such file --> Starts Below 1 - ao criar artigos, a descricao fica errada 2 - Utilizador pleite sem acesso a configuracao 3 - --> Ends Above If i display, gedit opens the file with no problem but if i edit and then save, no good. gedit complains that text file is busy. can edit and save with vim, mouse pad, open office, kedit, whatever. all file permissions have a 'S' in them, regardless of file type. this is bothering me. Any suggestions ?? Thank you in advance Pedro Leite (HowTos)