Anjuta: Anjuta 3.6.0 released

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http://blogs.gnome.org – Anjuta 3.6.0 (September 26, 2012) — James Liggett This is a new stable version of Anjuta and all users should update to this version as all 3.4.x versions become unsupported at this point. Summary of the major changes between 3.4.x and 3.6: * project-manager: – Support for calling make check (Sébastien Granjoux) – Support for subdirectories in project groups (Sébastien Granjoux) – Crash fixes (Sébastien Granjoux) * git – Git Tasks dock is only shown the Git dock is active (Sébastien Granjoux/James Liggett) – The Status view is the first view shown in the Git dock (James L (Software)