Android phone for girlfriend

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http://forum.xda-developers.com – Hi XDA, my girlfriend got a LG Optimus L3 (40€) from me to WhatsApp with me. Now her parents want to buy her a new (real) phone around 250€. Her sister choosed the Galaxy S3 Mini (250€). Of course I said, choose the Nexus 4 (310€), choose it, it's awesome, Nexus 4!!! But she thinks about getting an S3 Mini, too. She doesn't like the design of the Nexus. Are there any good Android phones except Nexus 4 for a price around 250€? With nice design and a good camera? I looked around and the S3 Mini seemed to be a good choice, but WTF, it's half as good as the Nexus - for 60€ less. Any reco (HowTos)