Android layout on high density displays

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http://stackoverflow.com – i just released my app on android and have problems with customers with high density displays. i added a debug thing to see what's going in, here is one sample output Device: Nexus 10 Android version: 4.2.2 DisplayMetrics{density=2.0, width=2560, height=1504, scaledDensity=2.0, xdpi=298.275, ydpi=298.823} MainView w=1900 h=1342 mDrumKitMode=BIG KitView w=640 h=1266 x=1920.0 y=0.0 the main view is the music notation area on the left of the screen shot, its 1900 wide (MainView w=1900 h=1342) the drum kit is a bitmap that is 640w and 640 high. somehow, the display is scaling it to be full heig (HowTos)