Android GLES10 How can I render all my quads to one image before drawing?

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http://stackoverflow.com – I want to draw all the images to a buffer then render that with each drawFrame. http://i.stack.imgur.com/CzYGj.png This splitting effect occurs on a Samsung S3 as well as the emulator I'm using. Surely there is there a better way to draw a fullscreen map of tiles (quads)? As far as code goes, I've never had any problem with this kind of thing: for(int i=left;i<right;i++) { for(int j=top;j<bottom;j++) { switch(p.map[i][j]) { default: sprite.draw(gl,textures[3],i-p.x,j-p.y,-10); break; case 1: (HowTos)