android - error while parsing JSON response from server

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http://stackoverflow.com – I'll try be to brief, please ask if something is unclear. I'm getting a user's audio list from vk.com (a large social network in case someone doesn't know). The response looks like: {"response":[{ "aid":"60830458","owner_id":"6492","artist":"Noname","title":"Bosco", "duration":"195","url":"http:\/\/cs40.vkontakte.ru\/u06492\/audio\/2ce49d2b88.mp3"}, {"aid":"59317035","owner_id":"6492","artist":"Mestre Barrao","title":"Sinhazinha", "duration":"234","url":"http:\/\/cs510.vkontakte.ru\/u2082836\/audio\/ d100f76cb84e.mp3"}]} Usually it is much longer since a user can have hundreds (HowTos)