Android dex gives a BufferOverflowException on build, when targetting API 8

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http://stackoverflow.com – I am running on command-line only. I have tried the various fixes suggested by different stackoverflow answers (adding the Android support library, setting project.properties to use 18.1.1, but none of them seem to fix the problem. I have tried with both version 19 and version 18.1.1 of the platform-tools. Here is the output of android list targets Available Android targets: ---------- id: 1 or "android-8" Name: Android 2.2 Type: Platform API level: 8 Revision: 3 Skins: WQVGA432, QVGA, WVGA854, WQVGA400, WVGA800 (default), HVGA ABIs : armeabi ---------- id: 2 or (HowTos)