Android: Cannot load native library's dependency

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http://stackoverflow.com – I am trying to load my native library(libhello-jni.so) with its dependency(liblas.so) in Android. but I always get this error Caused by: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Cannot load library: soinfo_link_image(linker.cpp:1673): could not load library "liblas.so.2.0.0" needed by "libhello-jni.so"; caused by load_library(linker.cpp:771): library "liblas.so.2.0.0" not found I also use System.loadlibrary("las") before load hello-jni library. By the way, I use android-cmake to generate libraries. The problems is I don't know how to export hello-jni 's dependency in cmake. Apparently, cop (HowTos)