AMD graphic cards, wheezy, fglrx?

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http://crunchbanglinux.org – I could use a little help and a hint in the right direction with my AMD HD graphic cards.Id like to use Waldorf with fglrx, but Wheezy doesnt work with fglrx because the current xserver doesnt afaik. What do you recommend?-Use Waldorf with fglrx with a fugly but stable hack (is there one?)-Downgrade xserver (how?)-Give radeon another try (then please tell me - how the heck do I get my two AMD graphic cards to work as a triple or quad head?! randr doesnt even see the cards and outputs, and xorg.conf hates me)-Wait until fglrx works with Wheezy again (when?)-Other solutions?My primary goal is a (HowTos)