ALSA cannot find card '0' in new x server

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – UPGRADEI noticed that the problem occurs when I run a game in another x session with the command:xinit /usr/bin/mygame -- :1In this case it seems that X (or ALSA) do not find card '0'X.Org X Server 1.12.4 Release Date: 2012-08-27 X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0 Build Operating System: Linux 3.4.8-1-ARCH x86_64 Current Operating System: Linux arch 3.5.3-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Sun Aug 26 09:14:51 CEST 2012 x86_64 Kernel command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-linux root=UUID=bd6bdbd7-d8ce-49d7-afed-6b092ab72498 ro quiet resume=/dev/sda5 Build Date: 27 August 2012 08:04:39AM Current (HowTos)