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http://www.linuxforums.org – Ok, I'm creating a bootable USB drive with multiple linux distros as well as other useful boot tools for pc repair, etc. I'm very close but am not really familiar enough with linux and kernel statements to be able to troubleshoot. I've attached a PNG file showing the file structure on my drive. I've also attached a TXT file showing the Grub menu.lst file. I boot to a Grub list first and, from there, select which image to boot. I'm using a combination of this website: http :// ww w.pendrivelinux .com/boot-iso-from-usb-flash-drive/ and other resources I've found online to help me create this. The following is what all I'm trying to install: 1. Kubuntu 9.1 2. Knoppix 6.2 3. Backtrack 4 4. Ultimate Boot CD 4.11 5. Darik's Boot & Nuke 2.0 6. PMagic 4.7 7. Active Password Changer Knoppix, DBAN, and Password Changer all work flawlessly. PMagic boots to it's startup menu and then errors out when trying to start the linux portion. It says it can't find the "pmagic-4.7.sqfs" file. The Ultimate Boot CD won't boot at all...I need to look into it a little more to find the error message. What I really need help with is Kubuntu and Backtrack. Both start to boot and then kick me to the shell. Actually, Kubuntu booted successfully one time but I can't get it to do it again...and I haven't changed anything. Anyway, sorry for the long post but can someone take a look at the attached Grub file and see if you see my error? I'd really like to get this working, as it will be an extremely useful tool for repair / troubleshooting / etc. Thanks! Attached Images files.jpg (18.9 KB) Attached Files menu.txt (1.5 KB) (HowTos)