[all variants] Wireless Never Works !*#?!

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http://ubuntuforums.org – I am fed up with Linux never being consistent with WIRELESS ](*,):twisted:!!! (http://www.merriam-webster.com/netdict/consistent) Here's what I want to do... How would I go about getting ALL wireless drivers??? Or if that would be to much data, all old school (Legacy) wireless? Also How can U get CENI-cli (iF i HAVE TO COMPILE THE THING TO WORK I WILL - Just point me in the right direction)? The reason for this is when I wanta try a new distro, wireless never works on my old school desktop (Wireless Desktop), so I have to diconect 2 desktops, travel from room to room reconnect 1 & get what I need then disconnect, then reconnect 2 desktops. The same when I try on either laptop except all I have to do is connect an extra wire in the router. MAN the HELL with that ](*,):twisted:!!! I need something that I can easily access @ all times, any time, off-line (usb, cd, dvd, etc...). (I already gksu nautilus and copy my personal wireless info from lib & usr to the root and reboot with no problem, but it doesn't work on everything) I would like to remaster Ubuntu with all these in there and distribute to my people. So they won't have to go through what I have gone through for the last 9 months ](*,):twisted:!!! And I know others would like an answer to this as well. So on behalf of me, and all others who are tired of packing equipment around, I will say this in advance. Your knowledge, wisdom, & enlightenment, is well APPRECIATED (HowTos)