[all variants] UK and ex-pats - please support this Linux drive for drivers

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi Folks, I've taken the step of putting a petition on Downing Streets web site to help get us device drivers for the hardware we buy. If you think it is a good idea, only UK citizens and ex-pats can sign it, and it runs for six months ... but anyone can spread the word. I hope I've done the right thing and people might get behind it. Also, if the moderators believe this is a good thing, please make this sticky for a short while so that people get to know of its existence. The petition itself is here and the text reads... "Items such as mobile phones, cameras, drawing tablets, webcams, wireless broadband etc. are only supplied with Windows and sometimes Mac drivers; very rarely Linux. It should be made law that any manufacturer bringing goods to market should include software and support for any operating system which has at least 1% market share. To do otherwise is anti-competitive and prevents upcoming operating systems from even gaining a foothold in the market place. People who choose any operating system other than those favoured by the manufacturers, are thus penalised for their choice and the operating system market place becomes stagnant. This is allowing domination by whomever the manufacturers favour and removes customer choice and fair competition." (Hardware)