[all variants] Suggestions wanted: middle-range laptop with good Linux support

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Sorry if the title comes over as spammy... Hi, I'm looking for a decent laptop that has (close to) full hardware support with latest stable Ubuntu (Karmic). I tried looking on the net, but am washed away with the amount of information I get and haven't actually found anything matching my requirements yet. Requirements are: - The system should be dual-core (or better). - It should have a decent graphics chipset that's (going to be) well supported (I prefer NVidia/ATI over Intel, unless good reasoning is given why Intel would be the better chipset in your recommendation). - Budget is 500 euros at most (can be a little bit higher if you're giving good reasons). - Have a DVD writer (this is standard in pretty much any laptop, but rules out netbooks). My goal is to find a laptop with decent specs that will last me for at least a few years, being able to run the occasional CPU or graphics intensive app when needed (games usually through Wine). Thanks in advance for helping! :) (Hardware)