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http://ubuntuforums.org – drive is a samsung HM160HC I have been trying to make this drive sleep when not in use as its in a NAS and I figure sometimes it will be weeks when I do not use it and I do not like the idea of it spinning for long durations when it is not needed I have set the drive standby to 20 mins with -S (also used -K 1 to keep features over reset) this originaly seemed to do nothing as the drive was still spinning hours later so I enabled APM with -B on 1 and then on 126 #1 should be agressive power saving and #126 not so agressive but still spin down higher values will not spin the drive down (or so im told) testing both settings the drive seems to make the drive spin down but it does so after abour 3 seconds (im hearing it spin up while browsing through folders somtimes) I fear this will have the opposite effect and kill my drive lots sooner than I want Could I be missing some sort of magic command to make it work or will the drive just not support it? suggestions welcome Thanks (Hardware)