[all variants] seeking "tablet pc" and ubuntu details

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http://ubuntuforums.org – I want to run Ubuntu on a "tablet PC" laptop. Can anyone direct me to collected information about using "tablet PC"? A large part of the problem space is typical distro on laptop stuff. However, the "tablet PC" introduces several knots into the X11 input device, X11 output device, hardware buttons, and events tangle. I've looked at the pages for Tabuntu -- Tablet centric Ubuntu -- but it is a dead (sic) end. I've looked at tablet-vendor specific pages, but the tablet details are buried under the loads of other laptop and desktop and server issues. All of this is complicated by the rapid evolution and wholesale changes to X11 configuration with HAL and UDEV and ACPI at the expense of traditional XORG. Thanks in advance for your help... Aarrgghh, ~~~ 0;-Dan (Hardware)