[all variants] seeking smartphone recommendation

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http://ubuntuforums.org – I don't want to start a this-phone vs. that-phone flame war. I would appreciate recommendation about smart phones that play well with ubuntu linux laptops and desktop applications. I also want recommendations for the corresponding desktop applications. Things that I want to do: sync contacts between phone and desktop app sync tasks between phone and desktop app sync calendar between phone and desktop app move files between phone and laptop move files between phone's memory card and laptop use the phone as an internet modem -- sometimes called "tethering" While I'm asking for help, once I sync with the desktop above, I want to sync my desktop app(s) to some corresponding web server app. For example, I put an appointment into my phone along with the contact details. The phone syncs with the desktop. I'll want the desktop to sync with a web something so that the contact details and appointment details are visible at the web site. Tahnks in advance, ~~~ 0;-Dan (Hardware)