[all variants] Old Wacom serial tablet is not recognized in karmic

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http://ubuntuforums.org – This discuss follow domething begun in thread 176 Resume : Quote: I use a Wacom UD1212 (yeah, a good old serial model). It take to me 2 or 3 Ubuntu version to understand how to add it in xorg.conf (and I was ashamed when I saw how simple it was when you know). So it worked fine until Jaunty (meaning it didn't work anymore after Jaunty's installation). I tried to modify Jaunty's xorg.conf, but the best I had was a pen with 2 seconds delay in the same time that I losed the nvidia graphic card. So an unusable tablett with an unusable sreen was too much for me. 3 days ago, I just upgrade to Karmic with the secret hope that the plug&play would do it. Well, nice try, but **** ! That doesn't work. I red almost all this thread and tried different things, but it is difficult to select what is for Jaunty or Karmic (alpha, beta or final release), USB or serial. I understand that Karmic doesn't use xorg.conf anymore. I tried this way and it just slow down Gnome without any move from stylus or pointer. Everything containing "Wacom" is installed and the wacom driver seems to be "ubuntu" (I understand that it is the 8.4.1 version, so seems good to me). xinput -list know nothing about "wacom" unless it is called "Virtual core pointer" lsmod show that the wacom driver is loaded xsetwacom list give nothing I don't know where to begin. Hello Favux, are you there I joined the files you asked in thread 176 Seems that I have now something in lshal I hope (and I think so) that there is no link with the modifications you give me and tha fact that I had to fsck this PC since 2 hours. It was very long to make it work again ! Attached Files Barbidoux_lshal.txt.zip (10.3 KB) xorg.conf.zip (883 Bytes) (Hardware)