[all variants] The most insane Linux installation for a 32bit kernel on a 64bit EFI 2010 iMac

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http://ubuntuforums.org – The insane way to install 32bit linux on a 64bit EFI iMac Ok, after two weeks of trying, I finally was able to install a 32bit version of Ubuntu on my internal hard drive. You are probably asking yourself, “So? Easy. Burn a CD and put it in your optical drive.” Well, my optical drive is dead, and Apple has a terrible BIOS emulator on my 2010 27 inch iMac that cannot boot MBR disks connected via USB (and even FireWire). Then you will ask yourself, “Ok, cool; but why not go pure EFI route?” Well, I have an AMD card in my system, and AMD makes very terrible drivers. There are a few problem (Hardware)