[all variants] IDE to Compact Flash Adpater for UDMA 5

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi, I've just brought a Transcend 600x 8GB compact flash card that I'm intending to use as the OS disk for my mythbuntu system with the aid of an IDE to CF adapter. This card supposedly transfers data at 90MB/s but my first attempt to use it produced random speeds ultimately ending up with the system becoming unusable. I've figured that was due to the cheap IDE to Cf adapter not supporting DMA. So now I want to buy a new one that will work and at full speed (in this case udma 5)... I've found this page which talks about the problems: http://www.e-consystems.com/operatingCF.aspAccording to this I need to have the right pins connected, with resistors and grounding lines! I've also discovered that for my card to operate at speeds greater than udma 4 it must be run at 3.3V (this is buried in the product's datasheet). So the nearest adapter I've found to that is this one (it at least has switchable voltage - not sure about the crosstalk issue): http://www.startech.com/item/IDE2CF-...D-Adapter.aspxMy question is (well done if you're still reading) before I spend any more money has anyone else got a card working at this speed and with what adapter? Thanks, Cabbage. (Hardware)