[all variants] Extended partition not on physical sector boundaries

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Sorry for the dupe post -- got no traction in Hardware & Laptops, so I thought maybe that was the wrong place. I have a new laptop, windows pre-installed (of course they used the whole partition table, so I had to figure out which ones I could delete, grr). Anyway I repartitioned it before finding out about the 4096 blocksize issue. Fortunately I haven't gone crazy yet -- I have sda1 and sda2 for Windows (sda2 is the main Windows partition), sda3 for Linux root, sda4 extended, sda5 is /home, and sda6 is swap. Sda1 and sda2 have sizes that are multiples of 4096, but sda3 does not, (Hardware)