[all variants] Experience with configuring Kensington and other trackballs

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi all, I am seriously thinking about buying this Kensington trackball. Given that it is quite expensive I`d like to make sure I`ll bee able to use it with Ubuntu. I found some threads here and also some useful-looking HowTos on other places, but seeing that these didn`t really worked for some people and also that some of these information will probably be already outdated I would like to ask you to share your experience with me and with the others here in an up-to-date thread. It would be important for me to make working at least the 2 basic buttons and the "scrolling button". I am interested both in positive and negative opinions but would like to ask you to link the source webpage which helped you (or that one which doesn`t) to configure this trackball. If you know about any other trackball which has the scrolling function/button and is working with Ubuntu please let me know here too. I`m using a Ubuntu 9.04 (will be upgraded to 9.10) with a IBM/Lenovo R60e. Thank you for all the info you can share with me. /How can I click the "scrolling button" on this one ??? :confused:/ (Hardware)