[all variants] Dual boot + Encryption problem (TrueCrypt + LUKS)

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi, Just got a new Lenovo Ideapad Z580 that has Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium installed. I would like to Encrypt it with TrueCrypt as well as install Kubuntu also encrypted. According to: https://aprescott.com/posts/dual-boo...ith-encryption http://www.ices.utexas.edu/sysdocs/e.../winlinux.html I resized windows and installed kubuntu encrypted and all works well. I ended up with 4 primary partitions: windows boot, windows system, ubuntu boot, ubuntu system (LVM/LUKS) Now I'm supposed to, from windows, encrypt the windows system partion and let TrueCrypt overwrite grub with it's (Hardware)