[all variants] Cloning a dulboot disk with ubuntu 11.04 and Win7

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi everyone. I hae a problem. I just bought a new pc with a larger drive. (1TB). I have an older 320 GB drive with dual booted Ubuntu 11.04 and win 7. Now i wanted to clone it to my new hard disk instead of losing all my data and settings and all that. I saw a post 6 years old that suggested dd, but i am looking into using 'clonezilla'. Any opinion whether clonezilla can handle dual boot? Any problems to anticipate? EDIT: I should mention that I used GParted to copy each drive to the newer hard disk. But it seems to have messed up, as i no loner et the grub screen, and win7 doesn't boot, but (Hardware)