Ajax multiple id to mysql

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http://www.daniweb.com – Hi, I have a question about ajax, php si mysql.. In mysql i have a table playlists and here is the code for php: <?php $playlist_result = mysql_query("SELECT *, COUNT(playlist_id) AS NumOccurrences FROM playlists WHERE created_by=$user_id GROUP BY playlist_id HAVING ( COUNT(playlist_id) > 0 ) ORDER BY date DESC"); $playlist_result_count=mysql_num_rows($playlist_result); $i=0; if($playlist_result_count > 0) { while($row_playlist=mysql_fetch_assoc($playlist_result)) {   $playlist_name = $row_playlist['playlist_name'];   $playlist_id = $row_playlist['playlist_id']; echo '<table width=100%><tr class=comment><td style=padding:2px; class=comment_box align=left><ul class=manager><li>'; echo '<a href='#' class='add_to_playlist'><span><b>'.$playlist_name.' - '.$playlist_id.'</b></span></a>'; echo '</li></ul></td></tr></table>';         $i++;         }        } else  { echo '<b>You don`t have any playlist yet</b>'; } ?> Php shows all the playlists i have in my table, the name and id of the playlist. Then, the ajax part, when I click on the name of a playlist i want to insert the clicked playlist id to mysql.: <script type='text/javascript'> $(function(){         $("a.add_to_playlist").click(function(){         //get the id   var user_id = <?php echo $user_id; ?> ;   var id = <?php echo $itemid; ?>;   var playlist_id = <?php echo $playlist_id; ?>;   var parent = $(this);         // show the spinner         $(this).html("<img src='spinner.gif'/>");           //fadeout the vote-count         parent.fadeOut("fast");         //the main ajax request                 $.ajax({                         type: "POST",                         data: "action=add_to_playlist&id=" + id + "&user_id=" + user_id + "&playlist_id=" + playlist_id,                         url: "add_to_playlist.php",                         success: function(msg)                         {                                 parent.html(msg);                                 //fadein the vote count                                 parent.fadeIn("fast");                         }                 });         }); });        </script> It`s working fine but in mysql is inserted the id of the last created playlist, not the one that I clicked. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help. Bogdan (General)