Adding custom service to nagiosgraph

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http://serverfault.com – I have successfully added nagiosgraph to our nagios installation. I also added a memory checker plugin, from here : http://blog.vergiss-blackjack.de/2010/04/nagios-plugin-to-check-memory-c.... However I can't seem to get the graph of this service to be output by nagiosgraph. The plugin returns a single line like this: 31% (3785 of 11903 MB) used so i added a rule like this to the map file: /output:(\d+)% \((\d+) of (\d+) MB\) used/ and push @s, ['Mem', ['Percentage', 'GUAGE', $1], ['Used', 'GUAGE', $2], ['Total', 'GUAGE', $3] ]; I have also read this : h (HowTos)