Add current date to the data file

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http://www.unix.com – hi all Please assist i need to add current date as data to load to a database: the script is as follow: Code: #!/bin/ksh DIR=/export/home/yani_m/scripts/scrip_out_put/ DIR2=/export/home/yani_m/scripts/scrip_out_put/calc/ Date=$1 File22="disk_"$Date Server=$2 iofiles=$DIR"/*"$Date"*_Ynr.dat" gzipedfile=$File22".gz" Code: #SERVER2C      : ./test.ksh 20120716 NLEMM02 grep  c[0-9]t[0-9]d[0-9] $iofiles >> $DIR2/$File22 grep $Server $DIR2/$File22 |cut -d : -f 2 |cut -d , -f 1,2,9,10 | nawk -F "," 'BEGIN {sumr= (HowTos)