Adaptec 2020SA RAID controller Set up in RAID5, one drive went down, can I still get data?

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http://serverfault.com – I have 6 1tb drives in a RAID5. 1 drive went down. On the RAID was 2 virtual machines that I really need back up and running. The spare drive I have to put in the server is a 1.5tb drive, which exceeds the physical per drive limit of the 2020SA. The drive is found in the disk utility, but it is not found in the array management section. I cannot add the drive to the array to have it rebuild. I have a replacement drive along with some spares on their way from Newegg, but I am still looking at a few days of downtime. Is it possible to use the 5 working drives to get the VMs copied off and on t (HowTos)