Actually used #! over and over, but it's my first time here

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http://crunchbanglinux.org – So here's my story. Started out on Ubuntu 11.04 when it was Brand New. Got bored with it, Unity started to get frustrating, and so I did a bunch of research and ended up downloading CrunchBang Statler. Really dug it, but I experienced the itch to distro-hop (like most of us, I assume) after a few weeks, and ended up trying alternately Debian Stable, Fedora, Arch, ArchBang, Ubuntu 11.10, Xubuntu, and possibly a few others. Couldn't stand all the stuff the 'buntu's came installed with, Arch(Bang) and Fedora's package managers just frustrated me to no end (I have yet to u (HowTos)