Absolute-Lite-13.0.8-rc1 is born!

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – OK so, I wanted to install the new Absolute 13.0.8 into my lappy but, I only have 4gb hdd and Debian Lenny already had 1+gb of it. The absolute 13.0.8 install is about 3.7GB! And it has both GDM and XDM So, I said how can I slim it down to a smaller size and retain desktop,etc Well, I got it down to 1.9GB installed and got the iso down to 352MB! I only took out big apps like Openoffice, Abiword, Gimp, etc all of these apps can be reinstalled via Gslapt pkg manager I noticed though that Gslapt doesn't seem to do dependency checking so, to reinstall abiword or anything, make sure you also install like gucharmap, cups,etc Also removed GDM/XDM for Slim Display Manager Please see this Thread for more on the troubles http://www.linuxquestions.org/questi...script-787031/ And so I announce Absolute-Lite-13.0.8-rc1.iso The install setup,etc I didnt touch Absolute, by default, installs everything on iso without prompting I did add you cosmetic changes to desktop, a wallpaper and made a Slim theme for it. Its really nice, lite and no mistakes by me Please note I couldn't have done it without Ponce, Gapan, and Knudfl Window Manager; Icewm Display Manager; Slim no users and no passwords set as it is a Slack install CD It is NOT a LiveCD. ScreenShot http://multidistro.com/slack/absolutenew/iceone.png 352MB iso http://multidistro.com/slack/absolut...ite-13.0.8.iso MD5SUM c1bd34d996746e04d16c94aa60948717 If anyone tries it please post back your results:) (HowTos)