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http://www.daniweb.com – Hello, Here some tips for freelancers and online workers. Whether you are a writer, a promoter, a webmaster, a forum fan or a simple “Facebook” lover, you can earn much money online, and that’s so easy. If you can give 4 Hours per day for just Internet, you can make about 500$ or more online per month (Depend on kind of work you will do). But to be successful on such business, there are many mistakes that you have to avoid and many favours that you to profit of. Choose a side on which to start The most important thing is to choose on which field to start. We know that everyone can copy paste links, putt backlinks, bookmark websites, share on forums or just post messages on forums but, will this be a pleasure for you ? If you will accept any kind of job, you will probably stop working after a maximum of 3 days, without getting paid ! Think about something you like, that you do every day (posting links, talking on forums) cause you can even earn money sharing links on Facebook, and that will make you earn a lot of money ! More tips at http://www.coffeecupbreak.com/busine...s-and-profits/ . Great reading (General)