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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi folks, What is the difference between cloud computing, private cloud, and remote access. I did it several years ago on client via ssh connecting the server, to start the application on the server remotely and displaying the same locally. Files can be saved either locally or on the server. What I did NOT test is whether X forwarding works if the client, the remote workstation, only has a basic OS running without GUI. Can X forwarding work? That is, connecting the server on the client via "ssh -X server_IP". Can it work? Now it comes to my notice that cloud computing, private cloud, does the same job. I haven't had an in-depth penetration on its documentation. But the principle sounds to me similar. The only difference is the remote client can start/connect server_B on Server_A after connecting the later. Please shed me some light. Pointers would be appreciated. TIA B.R. satimis (HowTos)