A10-7850K + Asus A88X Pro

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http://hardforum.com – Hi guys, I'm treading into uncharted waters with overclocking Kaveri. I have had great success pushing Vishera, but Kaveri is proving to be a challenge. I have the CPU at 4.3GHz on 1.4v. This isn't the final voltage as it is hard locking. I keep inching it up after it locks. CPU and NB LLC are set to Extreme. RAM is stock at 2133. The problem I'm having is that the CPU is throttling to 3.5GHz when I'm running prime95. The CPU is cooled by a Cooler Master Hyper TX3. The case is a 14 year old Aopen case. I added 120mm fans to the front and bottom for intake and a 92mm fan as exha (Hardware)