7-zip - how to use command line to include/exclude large list of files

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http://superuser.com – I'm (trying) to develop a program to operate the 7-zip console program (7z.exe) via ShellExecute() and passing it a computer-generated list of files. Now what I want to do is this : I want to pass it a command line telling it to include and exclude files : i.e include these : c:\path\path2\path c:\path\path2\path__\ .... more files exclude these : c:\path\path2\path\data\files\foo\bar\fish.dat c:\path\path2\path__\data\slug.mp3 .... more files so I make a command line like this : 7z a -t7z -i!"...file to include" -x!"file to exclude" ... etc etc I'm just repeating from memory so I kn (HowTos)