64bit Fedora 12 is not working correctly

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hello everyone, I tested Fedora 12 yesterday on my 64-bit PC. I used Ubuntu for years and I wanted to switch to Fedora. Unfortunately Fedora 12 is only working correctly with 32-bit on my computer. The 64-bit version has a lot of problems. e.g. It is not possible to install Skype and Google-Earth.. a lot of files are missing and had to be installed manually.. I was not able to install skype within 40 min. and so I quit to install it. And 64bit are completley neccessary for me, cause I 1st want so use 64, so there is no discussion to use just 32bits instead, and 2nd I have 8GB of RAM which can't be used fully under 32bit-systems. Are these known problems? Or is the 64-bit version not really finished, yet? Cause if I can't use the 64bit verson of Fedora I have to switch back to an other Linux with 64bit (e.g. Ubuntu, which doesn't have these problems), cause 32bit is not a good alternative for me. I prefer the 32-bit Fedora to the 32-bit version of Ubuntu, but the 64-bit version of Ubuntu is much better than the one of Fedora it seems. :-( Or do I have to install just a speciall pakage to run 32-bit programms in 64-bit Fedora 12? cheers, Phil. (HowTos)